Auto-sync transactions

Streamline transactions automatically !

All-in-One Dashboard to easily streamline and manage your transactions from different platforms at one place without any hassle.

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Track Gains/Losses Across 22,000+ Cryptocurrencies
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Sync Transactions Across 100+ Exchanges & Wallets
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Monitor Crypto and Digital Assets Portfolio
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Experience Comprehensive NFT Support and Complete DeFi Portfolio Management
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Manage your crypto digital assetsDashboard curated for your needs to easily manage your transactions at one place
Learn about tax loss harvesting and transform your losses into savingsCheck your stats for various transactions at a single placeDownload crypto tax reports today
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Simplify your crypto tax calculation

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No more platform switching ! Simplify transaction management all under one roof.

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Transform Losses into Tax Savings with Tax Loss Harvesting
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Import Transactions from Multiple Accounts or Add Custom Entries
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Direct API or CSV Support for Coinbase or Metamask Users
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Automated Tagging for Various Transactions: Airdrop, Fork, and More
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Reports in a click

Generate reliable cryptocurrency tax reports

Instantly generate and preview compliant crypto tax reports tailored to your local law and regulations.

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Utilise multiple cost-basis calculations for quick report generation tailored to your needs.
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Export transactions in various formats or transfer them to other tax softwares, platforms like TurboTax.
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Choose your preferred time zone and currency for customised reporting accuracy.
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Know your realized gainsCheck yours gains, income, expense, loss, gifts, donations and total amount calculated for you on a single dashboardProduce and preview crypto tax reports

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to file taxes?

Yes, crypto is taxed in most jurisdictions today. So you will have to pay taxes on your profits or claim losses as well. Kryptos helps you stay Stress Free by automating the process with 1000+ integrations.

Some of my income seems to be missing!

Please review the warnings and errors page in the application to check if there are any issues. If not please review your transactions to ensure all the data is present. You can also add and edit transaction within the app easily.

How do I ensure my tax report is accurate?

We do a lot of automatic checks and provide you detailed insights if there are some issues with missing prices, transactions, uneven balances within the application. Kryptos cannot legally offer any guarantees on the accuracy, if you have further questions or concerns we recommend to contact your accountant or tax consultant.

Do you support auto sync of transactions from crypto exchanges?

Yes, Kryptos has 3000+ integrations with Crypto Exchanges, Blockchains, Wallets, DeFi and NFT protocols. With all the major exchanges we have API integrations to support auto-syncing of transactions. Some exchanges have limitations, please refer the respective integrations page for further details.