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Welcome SafePal Users! As part of our collaboration with Kryptos, we are pleased to offer a special 25% discount on all our services exclusively for you

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Kryptos offers a seamless solution for managing your web3 portfolio, simplifying complex crypto accounting, and ensuring crypto tax reporting across 30+ major global jurisdictions. Our extensive support covers over 3000+ DeFi protocols, 100+ exchanges, and 50+ blockchains. Join us today to benefit from our special offers, exclusively designed for the SafePal community.

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Auto-sync all your transactions from our wide range of integrations, calculate your tax liability in a few minutes, and download full crypto tax reports.

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Whether you're a pro-crypto trader or just starting, Kryptos make your crypto assets work smarter and help you save taxes
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As a SafePal user, you get an exclusive 25% OFF on all Kryptos services
How to Avail the Offer:
  • Sign up or log in to your Kryptos account
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect SafePal to Kryptos?

Yes, crypto is taxed in most jurisdictions today. So you will have to pay taxes on your profits or claim losses as well. Kryptos helps you stay Stress Free by automating the process with 1000+ integrations.

What blockchains are supported for sync?

Traditional finance refers to the existing banking system and financial infrastructure, while DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is entirely digital and decentralized. In DeFi, the logic and workflows of traditional finance are encoded into blockchains as smart contracts, enhancing efficiency and reducing fees for investors.

Does Kryptos access SafePal private keys?

Kryptos performs numerous automatic checks and provides detailed insights if there are issues such as missing prices, transactions, or uneven balances within the application. While Kryptos cannot legally guarantee accuracy, for further questions or concerns, we recommend contacting your accountant or tax consultant.

How to generate tax reports?

Yes, DeFi activities are also taxable in many jurisdictions. You are required to report capital gains on cryptocurrencies or tokens and to declare earned LP or lending rewards as income. We support auto-sync on over 3000 DeFi protocols across more than 35 blockchains, offering a comprehensive DeFi suite.

Does Kryptos support multiple countries?

DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, is a sector where digital assets are traded, and all operations are decentralized.