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Tax loss harvesting is like turning financial lemons into lemonade: strategically selling investments at a loss to offset gains, giving your portfolio a zesty tax advantage while making the most of market downturns.  And our crypto tax software is designed to help you exactly do that – get the most out of your crypto investments while minimizing tax liabilities.
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How Tax Loss Harvesting Can Help You Save Taxes

Picture this: You initially acquired BTC at $5000, but unforeseen market fluctuations led to a 20 % decline, reducing its value to $4000. Tax Loss Harvesting is how you’ll use this market setback to your financial gain – by selling your BTC at $4000, realizing a $1000 loss, and reinvesting the $4000 in a comparable asset, such as Ethereum.

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Unlock the Power of Crypto Tax Loss Harvesting

Whether you're a pro-crypto trader or just starting, Kryptos make your crypto assets work smarter and help you save taxes.

Track Your Losses

Suppose you buy a popular coin at 100$. But the market flunks and your star investment goes down to 50$. Kryptos automatically tracks this movement in real time for you.

Harvest Your Losses

With Kryptos, identify any and every emerging tax-saving opportunities. We sell a portion of your coin and utilize it to offset your capital gains, for instance, on the Matic you sold for a 50$ profit.

Maximize Tax Savings

We automatically mix optimal timing and the best sell order quantity to maximize tax savings without disrupting your investment strategy. And yes, we make sure it’s always compliant with your country’s tax regulations.

1. Import all your crypto transactions

Integrate your cryptocurrency data across exchanges, wallets, DeFi protocols, and NFT marketplaces. Auto-sync using API keys or add custom CSV files.

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2. Preview your crypto taxes

Leave no space for errors! View all your realized and unrealized gains/losses in one dashboard, and review your taxable transactions.

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3. Download crypto tax reports

Generate filled-in tax forms that comply with guidelines. Download full crypto tax reports with all your capital gains and losses.

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Harvest Your Crypto Loss in 3 Simple Steps

Whether you're a pro-crypto trader or just starting, Kryptos make your crypto assets work smarter and help you save taxes.
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Setup Your Crypto Account

Begin your journey by signing up on our platform for free. Have your portfolio at your fingertips and start optimizing your crypto taxes.

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Connect Your Exchanges

Integrate your crypto exchanges with our software in just a few clicks. Our 3000+ integrations ensure you have all your assets in one place.

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Step 3

Save Taxes on Crypto

Sit back and relax as our software analyzes your portfolio, identifies potential tax loss harvesting opportunities, and provides actionable insights.

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Adding new integrations every day so your taxes are always sorted.

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Warsaw, Poland

"Kryptos made crypto taxes a breeze! Their software simplified the complex world of cryptocurrency taxation. Highly recommended!"

Emily Wagner
Shanxi, China

"Kryptos saved me time and headaches when it came to crypto taxes. I couldn't have asked for a better tool!"

Ji-Hoon Park
Seoul, South Korea

"Kryptos streamlined my crypto tax reporting. Their platform is user-friendly and efficient – a game-changer for crypto enthusiasts."

Alex Mitchell
San Francisco, USA

“Easy to use, accurate, and a lifesaver for anyone navigating the complexities of cryptocurrency reporting.”

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Los Angeles, USA

“A seamless solution for managing crypto and tax reports.”

Jake Hernandez
Toronto, Canada

“Kryptos exceeded my expectations for crypto tax management. Seamless, intuitive, and an invaluable tool for staying compliant. Thank you!”

Let’s decode Crypto Tax Loss Harvesting with these FAQs

Do I need to file taxes?

Yes, crypto is taxed in most jurisdictions today. So you will have to pay taxes on your profits or claim losses as well. Kryptos helps you stay Stress Free by automating the process with 1000+ integrations.

What’s the difference between DeFi and traditional finance?

Traditional finance refers to the existing banking system and financial infrastructure, while DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is entirely digital and decentralized. In DeFi, the logic and workflows of traditional finance are encoded into blockchains as smart contracts, enhancing efficiency and reducing fees for investors.

How do I ensure my tax report is accurate?

Kryptos performs numerous automatic checks and provides detailed insights if there are issues such as missing prices, transactions, or uneven balances within the application. While Kryptos cannot legally guarantee accuracy, for further questions or concerns, we recommend contacting your accountant or tax consultant.

Can DeFi activity be taxed?

Yes, DeFi activities are also taxable in many jurisdictions. You are required to report capital gains on cryptocurrencies or tokens and to declare earned LP or lending rewards as income. We support auto-sync on over 3000 DeFi protocols across more than 35 blockchains, offering a comprehensive DeFi suite.

What is DeFi?

DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, is a sector where digital assets are traded, and all operations are decentralized.

How are transactions measured?

In most jurisdictions today, crypto transactions are taxable. You are required to pay taxes on your profits and can claim losses as well. Kryptos simplifies this process by offering stress-free automation with over 3000 integrations.